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Migaloo spotted heading to the Gold Coast

Migaloo spotted heading to the Gold Coast


Migaloo spotted heading north off NSW coast

ONE of the world’s rarest whales has been spotted heading north to the Gold Coast and is currently just off the New South Wales central coast.
Migaloo, the all-white male humpback, was first photographed making tracks for warmer northern waters off Green Cape in Eden on the southern New South Wales coast on Tuesday.
The unique mammal was spotted a second time on Thursday, this time passing Botany Bay in Sydney.
He can often be seen passing between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast during the last week of June or first week of July.
The famous gentle giant went ‘missing in action’ on the Gold Coast last year, last sighted by the Gold Coast’s Sea World Whale Watch crew in September 2012.
The whales travel north to the sheltered, warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef to calve and mate in June before returning to Antarctica in November to feed on krill and small schooling fish during the summer months.
It’s expected more than 20,000 whales will pass the Coast this year.
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